Hi. I'm Flemming.
I'm a sound designer and creative coder based in Copenhagen.
At the moment, I study media and sonic communication at Sonic College - doing my BA thesis on dynamic sound design for the web.

I'm particularly interested in multidisciplinary design combining physical and digital space.

For more info check out my portfolio above and..

I'm passionate about sustainability, new technologies and citizen participation. The possibilities of the digital world are endless - and they seep into our everyday lives at an unheard rate. I want to be a part of this development. I want to affect it in a way so that these new possibilities can help us lead better lives. Be it on a small scale through cultural and community-based projects or a large scale developing the smart cities of our future.

I constantly strive to improve and learn new skills. At the moment I'm getting to know JavaScript. After that I'll be looking into different design sprint methods. The list goes on.

I'm proficient in the following areas:

And I'm experienced in these:

I can contribute with the production of sound assets for dynamic and interactive applications - as well as concept development, implementation and iteration.

If you want to know more than this you really should contact me.


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+45 30718438

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